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R&R Hosiery LLC.

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Terms & Conditions

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Shipping & Delivery

In most cases your package will be delivered via UPS Ground. Should your company be in close proximaty to the R&R Hosiery warehouse, we may opt to deliver your goods by company van.


    Orders can still be made as you've done in the past should you already have an account setup with us. Should there be any questions about your account or latest order, call our office at: 856 753-5780. When ording online, review your order prior to submitting. Specify Size and Colors. It's always best to follow up your order with an email or  phone call to assure it's being processed.

Color Choice - When an item offers a variety of colors there'll be a pull down menu of color choices for that item.  If there's  no color option for an item it will be shipped either in the color stated on the web site or in some cases in (default) assorted colors.

Sizes - We offer many sizes from infants to king sized.  Varify the correct size(s) prior to submitting the order.


    Unless otherwise specified, payments on all orders will be handled via PayPal. There's no need to have a PayPal account setup. PayPal accepts all major credit cards, and in some cases, checks.